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A U.S. based MULTI-Family Office for the preservation of wealth through the generations.

Our very personal, boutique manner of financial management leads to an unparalleled and tailored level of service for our clientele.

As a multi-family office with many years' experience, we are dedicated to ensuring we unlock the best services available for our clients.

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Family Office

The purpose of a family office is to provide a family with estate and financial services and typically is operated by an independent company.

  • Financial oversight of all liquid financial assets
  • Daily management of illiquid assets, such as real estate
  • Legal advice and estate planning
  • Tax advice and optimization
  • Investment management advice
  • Manage banking relationships
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting
  • Licensed tax and accounting specialists
  • Bookkeeping and bill pay


Five Keys exists to enhance and simplify the lives of high net worth individuals and families. By providing tailored operational, accounting, tax, investment, and concierge services, we strive to be the one relationship that our clients trust in any situation.

With over 100+ years of combined experience in wealth management, tax, accounting, and legal services specifically tailored to wealthy families and family offices, our clients rest knowing that someone is looking out for their best interest so they can focus on more enjoyable aspects of life and/or their operating business.

Comprehensive Financial Manager

In order to make informed and objective decisions, you need a condensed, transparent, and tailored overview of your liquid and illiquid assets. We provide the best aggregation of such information to our clients on a regular basis for long term planning in the format best suited for their needs and make sure they are accessible at all times.

Tax Optimization & Accounting Services

Experts in handling complex portfolios, our tax and accounting professionals maintain complete books and records, as well as provide tax preparation services. They ensure the family office is tax compliant but also with licensed, professional tax optimization guidance to proactively and on a constant basis seek out tax-saving opportunities for our clients. Additionally, our tax and legal teams add another layer of active tax planning for our clients throughout the year.

Concierge Services

As an add on fee service, our team delivers customized lifestyle management services to unburden our clients from daily, time-consuming details, allowing them more time to focus on pursuing their personal, professional and financial goals.

Banking Management

We help our clients manage their banking needs by working as an intermediary with their or our banking partners to make banking matters such as loan applications, deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers as simple and as care free as possible.


Five Keys Capital Advisors is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered investment adviser that specializes in fixed income, equity, and alternative assets. Five Keys manages capital in private funds and through separate accounts tailored to each clients’ individual needs and objectives.

Legal Support Services

Through Five Keys Legal PLLC we have preferred access to attorneys to handle and oversee a significant scope of clients’ personal, legal, and business affairs, as well as crisis management. They often represent multiple generations of family members and, in so doing, establish, maintain and oversee complex family estates and trusts. Additionally, the legal team provides trustee, corporate, transactional and business services in furtherance of family business entities and interests.

Corporate Service Providers

Our experienced team provides corporate secretarial services ensuring that the highest standards of corporate governance are maintained. We also form entities, maintain company records, as well as file and maintain all state and federal filings.

Multi-Family Office Operations

We offer a variety of administrative services and logistical support that are essential to the smooth running of a family office.

Financial Administration & Reporting

Management, administration and custodial arrangements for all type of non-financial assets including yachts, aircraft, super cars, horses, artwork, wine and other valuables. Structuring assets from a tax planning perspective and dealing with all administrative aspects, including insurance, valuations, servicing and maintenance and sales.

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About Us

Five Keys is a family run business that was founded by Keith and Matt Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in 2008 as a law firm with the later addition of Mike Boswell, Jay Bruno and Edward Sullivan to help in supporting the overall business and opportunities to serve clients in areas of wealth management, tax and accounting.

We collaborate and liaise with an extensive network of service providers in the southern United States and around the globe in the fields of banking, fiduciary management, legal matters, custodianship, taxes, real estate, accounting, private equity, and wealth management. This network is being expanded on a continuous basis.


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